We have installed multiple solar panels in our agricultural plot. The results are amazing! Thank you Solar Factory for such innovations!

Digni Spendisse


It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to manage electricity bills. The costs escalated and I was in despair. Then, a friend recommended me the name of Solar Factory. I gave it a try. Now I use solar lighting products in my house and a couple of gadgets. My energy bills are down! Solar Factory has saved money for me!

Digni Spendisse


If you are searching for a solar energy-based gadget, appliance, or equipment, I would always vouch for Solar Factory. Its product list is extensive. Also, its products are certified. You would be more than satisfied to use its products, just like me!

Digni Spendisse


We love products from Solar Factory! They are user-friendly and reduce energy bills to a good extent. We are very happy with the quality standards.

Digni Spendisse


I always wanted to enhance my lifestyle, not through luxurious ways, but implementing sustainable measures. The solar energy-based appliances of Solar Factory showed me the way to do it!”

Digni Spendisse


It’s amazing to use a solar torch! I bought it from Solar Factory at a very reasonable price. It seems more efficient that a conventional torch!”

Digni Spendisse